You Have Arrived

I am a late bloomer. Warmly cocooned in a thick later of healthy snacks and educational television, I spent most of childhood and adolescence blissfully unaware of trends, fads and really any cultural references whatsoever. My husband dies a little bit each time one of his references to seventies Saturday morning cartoon shows goes over my head.
I catch on, but usually only after the bus has pulled away from the curb, and I"m left trailing gym shorts and a decidely uncool Disney lunchbox as I run waving and yelling after it. So here I am, jogging along, trying to catch up to my compatriots with their Cintiques and their animation. My first piece done with Painter, You Have Arrived, is finally finished. All done with a single brush, the Pastel Pencil 3 (I don"t know what the 3 stands for), and upon completion I promptly deleted the color set I was using (I have no idea how, but suspect it involved hitting the delete key) and so must now start from scratch on the next one. I am happy with how it turned out; it feels like my style, but also new. I am excited about the possibilites and this tough, stalky plant may be blooming a bit at last.