HoHoDooDa- December 31

We did it.  Marion Eldridge and Linda Silvestri and I managed to do a doodle a day for the month of December. Well, almost for me. A few days skipped here and there, but given the frenetic pace of the season, I'm pretty proud. And now it's time to rip everything holiday down and stuff it away for next year. That's what's done in this house, as I am firmly in the camp of "once the holidays are over, decorations are just depressing." You can leave them up, but I will judge you. Years ago hubby had to go to a conference immediately following Christmas, and left me in the grips of the flu and a 102 degree fever. I answered his evening call and somehow he knew. "You're not taking down the Christmas decorations are you?" "I just want to get it done." I replied weakly, hallucinating visions of sugar plums. Ever since, my mantra regarding the removal of all things evergreen and shiny the weekend following has been "I just want to get it done." While I don't plan to try and come up with a doodle every day from now on, I am hopeful that I have started a new habit of sketching a bit in the evening before bed. I think I've got two or three sketches from HoHoDooDa I'd like to expand upon and that makes it more than worthwhile for me.

I will close with a wish for 2012 to move everyone down the road a little closer to their dreams.