HoHoDooDa- December 9

More dog related hijinks for December 9. My unreliable canine companions are the go-to subject when I need a quick idea. Coming up with an idea or seven each day for this month of holiday themed doodles hasn't been difficult, but coming up with one I can execute in an hour or less has proved a challenge. As I suspected, I am not a doodler, which is weird because I'm one of those twitchy types who finds a half hour sitcom testing the outer most limits of my attention span. One would think I'd be all about quick and jaunty, but noooo. When it comes to my art, I am ponderous and anal and require planning and thinking and then some more planning. HoHoDooDa has really brought this to light, and I'm thinking it is something I need to work on at least moderating. For some more spontaneous doodles, please check out Marion Eldridge and Linda Silvestri!