I keep forgetting I have a blog. A quick snap of a work in progress and I can scatter it to the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr winds on the spot, no tedious scanning and uploading. Less time to decide, for good or bad, "Ugh, this sucks! What am I doing showing it to people?" But those quick snaps are also less permanent, easier to lose in the onslaught of delicious images, "I know I had that illustration somewhere back here, two weeks ago? Three?" So, I'm going to try and make an effort, in the name of organization and order, to get back to tedious scanning and uploading again. You're welcome.

I found this sketch-a-day list on Instagram. If you have never tried a sketch-a-day, I highly recommend it. It is  one of the best exercises for practicing whatever bit you want or need to practice. For this one, I'm breaking out the traditional watercolors, trying to stay as loose and scribbley as possible and NOT OVERTHINK. It's one of my issues. Here is the #doodleadayjuly list and the ones I've done so far. I will try, no promises, to keep up here on the blog along with all the social medias.