La Befana

Humans are remarkably adaptable, we're wired to eventually adjust and carry on. Even minor annoyances are absorbed into our daily living, you make allowances, learn how to take the bus or give up refined carbs. I did not realize the adjustments I had made for my carpal tunnel until, poof, it's gone with the quick slice of a surgeon's scalpel. I can draw and paint for hours again without pain and numbness and shaking out my hand every two minutes. It's a brand new day. Also gold paint doesn't scan well, but is so much fun to use. I plan to hand embellish all of my holiday cards from now on.

Working on some more personal work of late. After putting it off for about fifteen years, I finally got carpal tunnel release surgery done on my drawing hand-sweet relief! I am waiting to throw paint on this until the club like bandage comes off next week.