Best part

Welp, overworked it, like I do. Like the eyes though and hope to make whole pantings like them-SOON! This learning stuff never ends. 



I vowed to get bigger and bolder with my imagery, marks, color etc. this year.  Waaaayyyy outside my comfort zone “ here on the edge of things, on the foggy coast.” - Ursula LeGuin


La Befana

Humans are remarkably adaptable, we're wired to eventually adjust and carry on. Even minor annoyances are absorbed into our daily living, you make allowances, learn how to take the bus or give up refined carbs. I did not realize the adjustments I had made for my carpal tunnel until, poof, it's gone with the quick slice of a surgeon's scalpel. I can draw and paint for hours again without pain and numbness and shaking out my hand every two minutes. It's a brand new day. Also gold paint doesn't scan well, but is so much fun to use. I plan to hand embellish all of my holiday cards from now on.

Working on some more personal work of late. After putting it off for about fifteen years, I finally got carpal tunnel release surgery done on my drawing hand-sweet relief! I am waiting to throw paint on this until the club like bandage comes off next week.

#doodleadayjuly Winners!

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment about your favorite doodle. "Starts with "M" was the runaway favorite. I had so many drawees, I had to switch from the traditional hat to my decrepit paint water container. Since I went home with my share of Field Day "Participant" ribbons in elementary school, also known as "pink ribbons of shame," I am deeply sympathetic to all those who don't come in first, the underdogs, the crying kid with a massive stitch in her side being walked across the finish line by the teacher well after the race ended...wait, where was I? Oh yes, losers make me sad, so I have decided to draw THREE names from the water bowl and each will get to pick their #doodleadayjuly original in the order their name is drawn. The rest of you can collect your pink ribbon on the way to your bus. Again, thank you all for playing and for all the wonderfully kind and supportive comments. It matters and means a lot to this artist.

Here are the three names, labeled with the order they were drawn.

Winners please email, , Facebook or Instagram PM me your snail mail address. If you posted anonymously with just a first name, there were no duplicates, so yes, it's you!