HoHoDooDa- December 19

Hubby and I came home to such a scene frequently during the holidays with our last dog. He was very well-behaved all year long, but once Santa was watching he turned into Destructo Dog. The first time it was our fault--what kind of morons decorate a tree with popcorn and candy canes with a dog in the house? He ate eleven feet of popcorn, string and all. We eventually also lost several paper mache ornaments, ironically fake gingerbread to satisfy my longing for a cookie strewn tree, and paper bows off of presents. Not the cheap shiny kind you buy by the bag at Walgreens, but those delicate fancy paper bark-like ones. We guessed they were coaxed to hold their shape with some sort of animal-based glue. The day we came home to find almost an entire felt stocking consumed, the holidays moved into the spare bedroom with the door closed. Nowadays we are savvy, decorations are rated by possible toxicity if consumed and nothing is dog-accessible. All holiday flair is relegated to tabletops and mantels and armoires. Please be sure to check out more HoHoDooDa fun with Marion Eldridge and Linda Silvestri