“Wuvvv…Twue wuvvv…”
(If you have never seen The Princess Bride, you may leave now, head hung in shame.) It’s February, and time for the holiday that can cause even the most successful, well adjusted adult to flash back to middle school and a locker devoid of shiny foil and lace hearts from admirers. Oh, you pretended not to care, concentrating hard on removing lunch from your braces with your tongue, a skill that would in fact make you quite popular at a later date, but at the end of the day you went home certain your unlovable self would wander this dark earth alone for the rest of your pathetic, loser days.
What a relief to grow up and discover that, contrary to what People magazine would have you believe, human beings aren’t all that particular when it comes to mating.
Even steaming stew pots of crazy can find lids.
Being the companion, or “lid” in you will, of an artist takes a special fortitude. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part we are needy, whiny, and insecure. Add in an iffy list of employable skills and really most people should turn and run. On the off chance that these things do not deter you, that you find curiosity, creativity and the occasional odd piercing intriguing, allow me to pass along some tips for coexisting peacefully with the object, or “pot” if you will, of your affection.
1. We will frequently ask your opinion on the piece we’re working on, but your opinion will mean less to us than the treadmill repairman’s. Do not take this personally.
2. Pointing to a small insignificant element that took us thirty seconds to bang out and calling it “your favorite part” will cause a protracted period of sulking. Do not take this personally.
3. When faced with changes to our work or rejection in any form, your full participation is expected in the subsequent vilification of the perpetrator. You will take this very, very personally.
4. You should be kind, unfailingly encouraging and our biggest fan. And always, expect the same in return.
Happy Valentine’s Day!