HoHoDooDa- December 14

Our household was always a "wrapping paper saver" house. None of this tearing into gifts. First off that was greedy, second that paper was so pretty we were going to re-use it. Everyone took their turn at opening a present, and we would carefully slide our fingers under the one sliver of tape my mom had sealed the ruler-sharp folds with. Never mind that my parents always hit the after-Christmas wrapping paper sale down at the card and gift shop in German Village, and stocked up on pretty paper for the next year. I feel certain that my inheritance includes, along with a gazillion slides and the twenty bottles of dish washing soap on the shelf in the basement, a closet full of pretty, neatly folded and minimally tape-scarred wrapping paper. For more HoHoDooDa fun please check out Marion Eldridge and Linda Silvestri