This is just great. I give you people a couple dozen sketches, doodles really, to pick from and what do you do? You go for the most complicated one. Thanks loads. I have a life you know, lots of "liking" and "sharing" to do, ooo look, another Elmo video... What?

Oh, right, right, right, the contest!

The doodle that garnered the most votes was this one, December 17











with December 13 and 18 coming in second and third.



















I am very happy with the picks. They were three of my favorites too, and it is always nice to know that despite outward appearances, one is not completely clueless about what works.

Now for the big news. My winner is...Bryan Ballinger! Applause, applause!

But wait, there's more! I plan to do finishes of several of my HoHoDooDa doodles and will post them here and on Twitter and Facebook, and as a giant Valentine smooch to all of you who took the time to vote, I will happily send you an archival ink and paper print out of any one that strikes your fancy, OR a high res digital file for you to print out yourself (international peeps, it sure would be SWELL if you picked this option). When you see one you like, just pop me your address via Facebook or e-mail. I will even put it in a professional plastic sleeve because I am THAT professional.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to vote and for all your wonderful comments and suggestions.

It's Not Over!

The dismal stretch between the holidays and summer has gotten quite a bit better since I moved from Ohio to Arizona. No more slopping through grey slush under grey skies with a grey pallor matched  by an equally grey mood. Now I have fresh citrus and balmy days lulling me into a false sense of smugness right before I am rudely brought back to the reality of living on the surface of the sun. Life is good, and happy as I am to have all the glitter-encrusted frippery of the holiday season safely stowed, my food sensible and my house free of the inevitable family gathering flu epidemic, part of me can't wait until next year. So let's not! In the interest of getting a head start on the 2012 holiday card (so, you know, I might actually finish it in time to mail out) I am asking for your help. Do a quick run through of the sketches I posted for the month of December's sketch challenge, HoHoDooDa, and vote for the one (or two or three) you would like to see as a full blown illustration. Leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook and at the end of January I'll pick a winner and that lucky, lucky participant will win an archival print of the piece that garners the most votes. Voice your opinion, possibly win free art--it's win, win!

HoHoDooDa- December 31

We did it.  Marion Eldridge and Linda Silvestri and I managed to do a doodle a day for the month of December. Well, almost for me. A few days skipped here and there, but given the frenetic pace of the season, I'm pretty proud. And now it's time to rip everything holiday down and stuff it away for next year. That's what's done in this house, as I am firmly in the camp of "once the holidays are over, decorations are just depressing." You can leave them up, but I will judge you. Years ago hubby had to go to a conference immediately following Christmas, and left me in the grips of the flu and a 102 degree fever. I answered his evening call and somehow he knew. "You're not taking down the Christmas decorations are you?" "I just want to get it done." I replied weakly, hallucinating visions of sugar plums. Ever since, my mantra regarding the removal of all things evergreen and shiny the weekend following has been "I just want to get it done." While I don't plan to try and come up with a doodle every day from now on, I am hopeful that I have started a new habit of sketching a bit in the evening before bed. I think I've got two or three sketches from HoHoDooDa I'd like to expand upon and that makes it more than worthwhile for me.

I will close with a wish for 2012 to move everyone down the road a little closer to their dreams.